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Product Name‘CAPTAIN’ brand PP Ball Valve
Range 1” to 6” with Flanged End Heavy Duty Valves
Applications For Mini Sprinkler and Drip Irrigation and Industrial purpose

‘CAPTAIN’ brand Polypropylene Ball valves are available from 1'' to 6'' in size and made from 100% virgin polypropylene grade. Each valve is hydraulically tested at 10 kg/cm2 and three piece bolted construction. as per BS -10 (D,E,F) and ANSI 16.5 (ASA 150) and ND-10-D. The most important part of the valve is ball, made from special grade of Polypropylene material. Ball valves can be used in Drip and Mini sprinkler irrigation system, Chemical Industry, Sugar Industry, Colour and Paint Industry, varnish plant, Breweries and distilleries, Water works, Automobile industry, Agriculture, Food and Dairy Industry.

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